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Explore our large community of trusted protisans (skilled professionals) that will help get your work or projects done with ease. Whether it’s a business project, medical aid, legal services or even small errands, you will find the best protisan for the job on KeyedIn.

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KeyedIn is an interactive service provider that's focused on the future of work by connecting protisans (skilled professionals) to real users who are looking for quality services.


We make work flexibility by connecting clients to a community of experienced protisans who can be hired by the hour or by project. 

Keyedln takes away the hassle and helps you find the perfect protisans (skilled professionals) for your projects.

Easily communicate project ideas using the chatbox, voice, or video call

The chatbox, voice call and video call makes effective communication seamless between clients and protisans. You can live chat (video, audio and text) with your favourite protisans to get constant updates on the progress of work.

Connect with Clients & Protisans in REALTIME!

Get all the help you need from thousands of protisans around you waiting to connect with you to improve your productivity and business growth.

Take control with the KeyedIn Digital Wallet

The KeyedIn digital wallet enables seamless debit/credit card transactions, low transaction fees, and a secure way to make payments or withdraw earnings on KeyedIn. Once you register an account, a digital wallet is automatically created and linked to your user ID.

Connect with clients and
skilled professionals globally

Connect with clients and protisans globally

KeyedIn for Clients

Get high-quality services from protisans who will go the extra mile to ensure that your project gets the bespoke solutions needed. 

KeyedIn for Protisans

We help protisans build their portfolios and widen their professional network, while also ensuring that the needs of our clients’ businesses are met.

Download the app to get KeyedIn to a whole new
world of opportunities.

Download the app to get KeyedIn to a whole new world of opportunities.

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Built-in chat feature allows simple and secure exchange of messages and project update.

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With thousands of verified professionals to choose from, our payment system is secure & safe.