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About KeyedIn

KeyedIn offers you professional quality services that take away the hassle of finding the perfect Protisan for your initiatives. Connect with Protisans who will go the extra mile to ensure that your project gets the bespoke solutions needed.

We strive to be the leading platform for professionals and clients to connect, collaborate and get work done

Keyedin is an all in one interactive platform, where you can get access to a large pool of skilled professionals , with your skills, get paid for referring to a talent, and also hire professionals to meet your needs.


We bring together clients and protisans from all over the world to get the job done. Our platform's powerful collaboration capabilities empower skilled professionals to solve problems, grow their businesses, and build lasting partnerships for the future. Keyedin connects clients to a community of experienced protisans who can be hired by the hour or by project, and provides work flexibility.

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